A Shred of Evidence

Shred of EvidenceA SHRED OF EVIDENCE
Seaport Suspense Series #1

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Former newspaper editor Ellen Jones enjoys a leisurely lunch at a Seaport restaurant where she overhears a private conversation at the table next to her—and disturbing accusations of pedophilia involving the husband of a woman she’s recently befriended. Ellen’s head is reeling. She’s hesitant to confront her friend with hearsay, but her attachment to the woman’s two-year-old daughter won’t let her leave it alone. Ellen knows where the husband works and decides to confront his employer. But when the employer evades her questions and asks her to leave, Ellen is convinced that something is amiss. She gets on the Internet and checks to see if her friend’s husband is a registered sex offender. When that leads to a dead end, she digs through old newspaper articles and stumbles onto information that gives her cold chills—information too frightening to keep to herself. Ellen confronts the police chief with what she’s discovered, but no one is prepared for what happens next!