Why Fiction?

Kathy at BooksigningWhen I began writing novels, I had several well-meaning individuals tell me they never bother to read Christian fiction because they prefer books with a meaty spiritual message. I was amused, since some of the Christian novels I’ve read have impacted me even more than my Bible study classes.  I hear this echoed from my readers.

Perhaps the reason is because stories can present the application of biblical truth through the actions of believable characters facing true-to-life, even gut-wrenching dilemmas, yet provide safe boundaries in which to consider what we would or wouldn’t do given the same situations. In a very real sense, a well-crafted story is a means to gain life experience without suffering loss.

I write books that appeal to a broad spectrum of readers of both genders, and with a message I believe is contemporary, gripping, and relevant. I’ve always enjoyed reading page-turners that challenge my thinking, and that’s what I seek to write.

It might surprise you to know that my stories rarely come to me until I actually sit down and begin typing. In fact, what intrigues me most (and sometimes plays havoc with my deadlines) is that I don’t outline the stories. I start with an idea, then turn my fingers loose and get inside the characters and let them take me where I need to go. Sometimes it’s as though my fingers have a brain.

And in case you were wondering, my plots are not consciously based on personal experiences or my characters on people I know. And yet my mind is a storehouse of experiences, relationships, information, and impressions that cannot help but shape the stories I write.

My hope is that each of my novels will not only entertain, but also inspire and challenge. That in the deepest part of our souls, we’ll embrace the depth of what it means to be believers, and then be moved to share its powerful simplicity with those who struggle without hope.