High Stakes

highStakes-lgHIGH STAKES
The Baxter Series #4

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Angie Marks, pierced and tattooed, arrives on Baxter’s doorstep and wanders homeless until an eccentric old millionaire shocks everyone and hires her to be his live-in housekeeper. Down at Monty’s Diner, the rumor mill goes on tilt, and suspicion abounds that Angie might be in cahoots with Billy Joe Sawyer to frighten key witnesses in his upcoming conspiracy/murder trial.

But events here take a sharp right turn. Hang on! A lot more is at stake than Angie’s reputation! She finds herself implicated in a grizzly murder and then is forced into hiding by the man accused of the killing! This fourth book in The Baxter Series is full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

But High Stakes is more than edge-of-your-seat suspense…it’s a touching story of a troubled young woman and a determined old man who refuses to give up on her. It digs deeply into the human yearning for love and acceptance. And it poignantly reminds us how foolish it is to judge a person by outward appearance.

Readers are in for a suspenseful—and very touching—journey as they see the tragedy and joy that meet a bookful of human characters who simply long for a second chance.