Eye of the Beholder

 eyeofthebeholder-lgEYE OF THE BEHOLDER
Seaport Suspense Series #2

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Seaport is on high alert for a potential terrorist attack after the Coast Guard boards and seizes a boat that’s being used to store bomb making materials and a surface-to-air missile. Five Arab men are arrested, and authorities suspect there is a terrorist cell operating in the region.

Attorney Guy Jones is caught up in building his professional image and climbing the social ladder after winning the biggest case of his career and being acclaimed by his law partners. He hassles his wife Ellen about her common friends, whom he finds to be an embarrassment. But when Ellen stubbornly refuses to abandon her friendship with an Iranian American woman, even though her association with the woman lands her in the FBI’s spotlight, the Jones’s once rock-solid marriage starts to crumble.

In the midst of marital turmoil and uncertainty, Guy allows his pride and anger to influence a decision that pulls him deeper and deeper into a perilous web of deceit-and threatens to destroy A LOT MORE than just his marriage!

Eye of the Beholder is a riveting, thought-provoking story that should challenge readers to examine how they respond to people who are different from themselves, even their enemies. Guaranteed NOT to put you to sleep.