Eye of the Beholder Reviews

eyeofthebeholder-lgEYE OF THE BEHOLDER
Seaport Suspense Series #2


“Kathy Herman delivers a taut suspense story with national implications and a vibrant call for godly action. Well done!”

—Kathryn Machel, author of The Departed

“Kathy Herman’s best suspense novel yet-Eye of the Beholder-will grip you from beginning to end. The characters and mystery are as current as today’s front page and as timeless as Scripture. Truly a fulfilling, challenging read. Buy it!”

—Lyn Cote, author of The Women of Ivy Manor series

Eye of the Beholder enticed me from the first page with familiar and beloved people. Then it took a twist that both delighted and convicted me. Kathy Herman gets inside her characters’ hearts, using both compassion and wisdom to show us what hides within our own souls. This visit to Seaport will change your life.”

—Janelle Clare Schneider, Author

“Little white lies. Preconceived notions. Racial, social, and educational prejudices. These are the elements of Kathy Herman’s Eye of the Beholder. As if pulled from today’s headlines, this novel touches on the fear that overtakes a town when rumors of terrorists are afoot. Filled with unexpected twists, Eye of the Beholder held me captive until the very end.”

—Traci Depree, author of the highly acclaimed Aprons on a Clothesline