Vital Signs Reviews

The Baxter Series #3


Vital Signs is the story about a town in crisis and the people who in times of stress become heroes. The metamorphosis in Dennis is believable and beautiful to watch. Especially inspiring are doctors, nurses, and other support people risking their lives battling with a disease that might kill them. Kathy Herman brilliantly describes what makes people tick so that readers attain a terrific saga.”

—Harriet Klausner

“This is a riveting tale of fear and heroism; Kathy Herman writes a compelling, believable story.”

—Romantic Times

“Ms. Herman weaves powerful dialogue, fascinating characters, and compelling storylines into Vital Signs. I found it impossible to put the book down for any reason, and now that it is over, I cannot wait to see what happens to Jennifer and Dennis in the future.”

—Tracy Farnsworth

“Kathy Herman’s third book in the Baxter Series, goes beyond a sensationalized story of our medical profession on the front lines of disaster. It takes the reader into the personal anxieties and suspicions of the human mind. The author of Vital Signs does not serve up, across the board, happy endings and pat solutions. The book’s characters come across as humanly flawed and genuine which adds a nice dimension to the book.”

—Louise DuMont

“Kathy Herman keeps the pace moving in Vital Signs. The book showcases how God provides exactly what we need, even in the hardest of times.”

—Nancy Moser

“This compelling suspense is by far my favorite. The frenetic action takes off on page one and continues with lightning speed throughout the book. There are several detailed subplots that keep the suspense at a high level and will keep you turning the page. Kathy Herman crafts a very believable tale in which Christian characters struggle with the fear of death while unbelievers are touched by their faith and strength in the midst of their fears. You won’t want to miss Vital Signs, a spiritually inspiring, fast-paced thriller.”

—Vickie McDonough, author of The World on Romance