Ever Present Danger Reviews

everpresentdanger-lgEVER PRESENT DANGER
Phantom Hollow Series #1


Ever Present Danger has all the tightly woven drama, excellent characterization and suspense Kathy Herman’s readers have come to love. This newest series digs even more deeply into the heart, leaving a powerful impression of God’s forgiveness, and His loving direction in each of our lives.”

—Hannah Alexander, author of Grave Risk and Death Benefits

“Kathy Herman writes stories that draw us into the lives of characters that we grow to care more and more about. Ever Present Danger is one of Kathy Herman’s “usual” surprising and excellent mysteries.”

—Lyn Cote, Author of The Women of Ivy Manor series

“Kathy Herman’s latest series is off to a flying start with Ever Present Danger, a compelling story of the dangers of compromise and the power of truth to set us free. Be prepared to stay up late as you get to know the people of Phantom Hollow—a place you’ll want to visit again and again.”

—Carol Cox, author of Ticket to Tomorrow and Fair Game

“In Kathy Herman’s Ever Present Danger, a long-concealed murder has deadly consequences and hidden sins must finally be brought to light.  The action never stops!”

—DeAnna Julie Dodson, author of In Honor Bound, By Love Redeemed and To Grace Surrendered

“Kathy Herman is a master at weaving heart-racing mystery and Biblical precept into unforgettable narrative. Not only will the twists and turns in Ever Present Danger keep the pages turning, her newest characters will inhabit the soul.”

—Deidre Pool, author of Loving Jesus Anyway

“Another wonderful book from Kathy Herman. Ever Present Danger is an exciting, breath-holding adventure as only Kathy can write.” Tops in this category.”

—Lois Gladys Leppard, author of Mandie books

Ever Present Danger will take you on a wonderful journey from regrets and heartache through unexpected twists and turns of storytelling to a deeply satisfying conclusion filled with redemption and forgiveness. As usual, Kathy Herman mixes sympathetic and admirable characters and unexpected story events to create an engrossing tale. This is a great beginning for what is sure to be a terrific series.”

—Janelle Clare Schneider, author, “A Distant Love” in the anthology Christmas Duty