Day of Reckoning Reviews

dayoreckoning-lgDAY OF RECKONING
The Baxter Series #2


Day of Reckoning is an enthralling, inspiring story that will bring on the tears, and a whirlwind of emotions. A story that will make you think about your own world. A lesson taught about the strength of faith. How your beliefs can give you strength to endure things that you would never thought possible.”

—WK Reviewer for Borders

“I was able to finish the book last night. For the record you are singularly responsible for me getting a whole lot less sleep these past few days. The book is beautiful, profound, compelling, and likely life-changing for those who read it.”

—Pastor Jim Smithie

Day of Reckoning is a must for every Christian. I’m convinced that if bitterness were dealt with within the hearts of Christians, I would be out of business. Perhaps one of the very best books I’ve ever read.”

—Dr. Tom Haygood

“Absolutely POWERFUL! I don’t know when I’ve read a book with a more straight-forward message than this one has. I liked Kathy’s first book, Tested by Fire, but this one was even better. Plus I’m going to buy it for a friend who I felt like God showed me could REALLY use this in her life right now. Thanks! Keep up the great writing.” —K. Young

“I recently finished reading your book Day of Reckoning. I must admit that I was hooked. I could actually see myself in one of the characters as well as put a face to each of the characters mentioned in the book. “Day of Reckoning” kept me on the edge of my seat. It was hard to stop reading. I could actually feel the anxiety, frustration, and bitterness that was expressed through your characters.”

—Lucinda Hill

“I just finished reading Day of Reckoning and wanted you to know that it was truly powerful reading. It’s the kind of book that grabs your attention, the kind you can’t put down. I felt like I knew the characters personally. Yet it’s so much more than just a suspenseful novel. The book says so much about bitterness and God’s perspective. His answer for this deadly poison.”

—Belinda Lindley