All Things Hidden

allthingshidden-lgALL THINGS HIDDEN
Seaport Suspense Series #3

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Ellen Jones gets a disturbing call from her elderly father’s neighbor and must face the fact that her father’s (Lawrence’s) mind is slipping and he’s reached the stage where he’s not safe living alone. Lawrence is having trouble remembering many things—just not the one thing he’s held against Ellen for nearly forty years! Knowing she doesn’t have the patience to deal with Lawrence’s crushing criticism and wouldn’t survive a week under the same roof with him, Ellen (and her husband Guy) pair up their fathers to share an apartment in a retirement community, thinking it’s the ideal way for each to transition from independent living. But the plan backfires and Lawrence wanders off and ends up at the scene of a murder—and may be the only eyewitness! Is what he tells police reliable? How can anyone be sure when his short-term memory is scrambled with the past? But the killer doesn’t know that!

Meanwhile, her son Owen starts getting phone calls from a stranger who claims he has something that belongs to Owen, something he needs to come take a look at. But when Owen refuses to meet the guy unless he gets more specific, the man’s tone changes and he decides to do things his own way.

What happens next is shocking and life changing for the entire family—and ultimately produces a surprising answer to Ellen’s desperate pleading with God to help her love her father.

Based on Galatians 6:7, All Things Hidden is a story about the inevitable consequences of sin—and a loving God who uses even our deepest failings for good.