A Fine Line Reviews

The Baxter Series #5


“Kathy Herman’s books should come with a warning label: Once started, you won’t be able to stop! A Fine Line leads us down a path rich with intrigue to expose that which is most deceitful in the human heart. If the Baxter series has to end, this book is the perfect finale.”

—Lois Richer, author of Blessings in Disguise

“A Fine Line is fast-paced entertainment that also enlightens. Kathy Herman tackles important issues such as sin’s consequences and the need to keep those we love in prayer.”

—Sylvia Bambola, author of Refiner’s Fire and Tears in a Bottle

“May we never discount the threat of wreckage caused by our white lies and our ‘little’ sins. A Fine Line promises well-crafted intrigue intertwined with strong biblical discourse. This book is a fitting farewell to the Baxter series—but, oh, how we will miss Baxter!”

—Deidre Pool, author of Loving Jesus Anyway

“An outstanding message, skillfully portrayed. A Fine Line leads to suspense, revelation, and finally justice.”

—Lyn Cote, author of Summer’s End

“What a wonderful love story—fast-moving and full of intrigue.”

—Lois Gladys Leppard, author

“A Fine Line is not only an engrossing story, but a wonderful portrayal of marriage relationships at their worst and best. Baxter fans will be delighted with this next installment—and those encountering Baxter for the first time will quickly discover what we all love about Kathy’s characters and storylines. This book is a feast for both the heart and the spirit.”

—Janelle Burnham Scheider, author