Suspense that speaks to the heart

Kathy HermanW E L C O M E to my official website. Since you found your way here, I assume you know I write inspirational suspense novels. In fact, I thrive on weaving inspiration and suspense into modern-day stories that are exciting and relevant. And though I endeavor to entertain you with riveting plots that will keep you guessing till the end, it’s my hope that my characters will tug at your heartstrings and give you something to think about long after the cover is closed.

I'm delighted when readers tell me my novels are exciting and hard to put down. But it’s when a heart is changed by something I've written that I’m humbled beyond words. Only the Lord can make my words come alive in a reader's heart. I consider it a privilege to be used this way, and you'll notice each of my books is dedicated "To Him who is both the Giver and the Gift."

Ozark Mountain Trilogy


Not by Sight
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